Monday, June 7, 2010

Picture Book Review: Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs?

It doesn't seem possible to exhaust the dinosaur subject when it comes to kids and picture books.  We're presently making our way through a stack of books on the topic at our house, with varying degrees of amusement.

Luckily, today, we came across a classic just by chance at our local library.  It's called Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs? by Bernard Most.

Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs? (Voyager/Hbj Book)

The book is a simple set of questions pondering what happened to the dinosaurs, a question that I struggle to find a satisfactory answer to for my toddler.  The suggestions are wonderful and had both my daughter and I chuckling.  Perhaps the dinosaurs are in disguise?  (See the cover picture.)  Maybe the dinosaurs have gone underground?  Are the dinosaurs on another planet?

The pacing is perfect and the accompanying pictures have demure black and white drawings and then one or two images is delightfully illustrated with a bright color (some pages happily reminded me of a Mondrian painting).

I've noticed that there is a video based on the book that we'll be looking for, and I'll definitely be looking for more books by Bernard Most.

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